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"The Story of Flowers"

She stood behind Him quietly.
Cloaked in celestial white.

Her betrothed, eternal companion!
Forever her shining knight!

A hand upon His shoulder.
Soft words whispered into His ear!

God listened intently in silence.
Divine wisdom from her lips appeared!

"Thy colors truly are magnificent!
Thy creations wonderful indeed!"

"A worthy addition will show Thy love!
A witness for our children to see!"

She gently displayed some flowers!
Explained the joy they would bring!

He lifted and swayed His finger.
"Like glitter the flowers will sing!"

Affectionately, He nodded and smiled.
Joy could be seen in His face!

"Let it be known in my kingdom!
The loveliness of thy grace!"

And thus it was so, that it happened!
Colors danced over the land!\

The Lord He honored His sweetheart!
Laying a tribute to love before man!


A friend suggested that I use more pictures of flowers with my poems. Yes . . . my friend was a sweet sister in the gospel. I suggested that I was never a "flowery guy." In fact, I had always wanted to be considered "manly." In my youth I liked the nick name "Burley." None the less, I committed her recommendation to thought

So, today I pondered flowers. Where they came from! Why they exist! Their purpose! How they affect us! What they represent!

What would life be without flowers? Certainly, never the same with that absence of joy!

So many interesting lessons can be learned from a flower.

In the poem, the suggestion that God might have a companion is in no way meant to offend, nor diminish His glory. I am a believer that man is not without the woman nor the woman without the man in God. I believe eternal love and marriage are based upon patterns ordained by a Father in Heaven who has set a divine example. Therefore, the possibility is not without merit.

The nature of man is to be a protector, a provider, a guardian, a guide. The nature of a woman is to nurture, to comfort, to care, to provide joy and beauty. Together there is a wholeness that seems to be complete when working together to create something of great beauty and eternal value.

So, if God does have a companion, surely the endowment of flowers to embellish the earth came with the sweet intuition of a virtuous and noble female spirit.

(The suggestion also inherit in the poem, is that if men listened to their sweet helpmeets more, there would be more beauty in the world . . . Note to self . . . "Listen to wife!")

The gift of flowers truly must be a similitude of what heaven is like. The natural reaction to flowers demonstrates its power to influence emotions. A flower is such an expression of love that it can make a bad day good, a sad countenance happy, a forgotten moment remembered!

No human can create nor duplicate a flower in its perfection.

It is God's tiny witness and reminder of the sanctity and beauty of life. No colors are as bright and clear as that of a flower. In most cases, they smell of heaven scent. Many times after blooming, they leave a legacy of fruit that nourishes our body.

Truly, flowers enrich our soul, and lift our spirits. What joy flowers bring! What a beautiful reminder of God's love!

I believe there is an undeniable connection between the sanctity of womanhood and the beauty of the flower. Perhaps therein we find their purpose.

Flowers! How blessed we are to be able to enjoy them everyday!


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