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"Tell Me! Why Dear Lord?"

Tell me,"why!" Dear Lord! My pleas go unheard!
My heart! It wants to break!

For months, and then years! I have prayed to Thee!
Now trust, and faith, forsake!

Tell me,"why!" Dear Lord! No comfort comes through!
The pain is too much to bear!

A loved one lost! Desires crushed!
A future without hope, more despair!

Tell me,"why!" Dear Lord! It seems too late!
Buried covenants and promises passed!

I am happier now, with guilt denied!
And aches that no longer last!

Tell me,"why!" Dear Lord! That doubt is more clear!
And avoiding Thee, heals my soul!

For I have tried so hard! Lived a good life!
Yet disappointments have taken their toll!

"Oh My Son! You've been hurt, and made blind!
Thou wast close to hearing my voice!"

"Thy loss and thy happiness now fleeting!
Were a result of sin, and choice!"

"My arms have always been extended!
A broken heart! A contrite spirit will bring!"

"An eternity of kingdoms and blessings!
With endless joy! And answers that sing!"

"Repent! Cast out the Destroyer!
Be like Job! Put thy trust in Me!"

"Then heaven will pour out its blessings!
For life's trials, endured like a King!"


There are so many "Why?" questions in life!

Many times we want to give up because, "life is just not going so well." The character in this poem is struggling for lack of understanding.

When faced with this same dilemma, some people blame God and get angry. They become non-believers. They then turn away from God instead of turning toward Him. Others go numb and stop trying. "Life is just too hard. I give up!" They believe, but stop living the gospel. As in the poem, some out of desperation come to God as their last resort, hoping and pleading for answers. True followers commit to God, no matter what besets them! They are patient, long suffering, accept their challenges with faith and hope, and continue in prayer, obedience, and service until answers are revealed.

In times of trouble the Destroyer tempts with ideas and doubts. He senses spiritual vulnerability. The Devil's prey moves away from God and yields to the flesh, rather than the Spirit. Armed with the shackles of sin, Lucifer restrains the prisoner from returning to God. Victory is his.

So, life is hard. It is filled with adversity and opposition. This was by design. When we rejoice in our trials, we become more like Job. Job put God first in his life above all things, no matter what his circumstances or what beset him. That is the great truth taught in his story. When we love God and put him first despite all the agonies of life, we relive Job's story. Remember, Job eventually was blessed and multiplied far beyond his pre-trial period!

The rewards we seek after this life, are are so magnificent, that they require a struggle beyond our mortal capacity. We can only achieve perfection with the help of deity. So in humility with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, we approach God for honest answers and guidance. He explains to us the deeper meanings of our experiences.

The struggles of life cause us to dig into the core of our soul. We learn principles and laws by which all things are governed. We question consequences for our behaviors. When we approach God in humility, we are given answers and learn eternal truths. If we break the laws of nature, consequences follow. And, if we brake spiritual laws, consequences follow.

The encyclopedia of life was written by Heavenly Father. He has given us all the information and guidelines we need to be successful. A list of them come to mind. "Love the Lord with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength . . . Love thy neighbor as thyself . . . If you love me keep my commandments . . . Be ye therefore perfect . . . Repent, and come unto Me!"

God knows that overcoming the challenges of life is when we experience the greatest growth. It is in the refiner's fire that we are perfected. He reminds us that sins hold us back, and that we have the freedom to choose righteousness or wickedness. Most of our challenges in life are due to our sins and choices. Thus, the well known counsel is reaffirmed; "Choose the Right!"

At the end of this poem, Heavenly Father reminds his son, that he was placed on earth to become a king. As we go through the refiner's fire, pounded and tempered, God molds us into eternal kings and queens. Once proven as Job, we can receive our birthright as sons and daughters of a royal priesthood to live in Heavenly Father's presence for time and all eternity.

Trust in the Lord in all thy doings, and He will bless you even as Job!


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