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"Abandoned Moments
and Forsaken Memories"

Priceless moments lay concealed, beneath the dusty stairs of my life.
A congested pathway with traffic, a hastened pace that blinds.

Missed memories now lost, time passes by.
Too busy to notice, what's forgotten will die.

Distracted by mundane, and earthly cares.
The air down the hall, full of despair.

Steps leading upward, and downward too.
Less pertinent, less valued, a lie is pursued.

Leading me nowhere, feeling empty and void.
A still small voice says, "Stop and deploy!"

Glancing downward I see, in the corner of the room.
A tiny sparkle of hope, there hidden not assumed.

I stop! I stare! A gasp, a slow sigh!
A shining witness right there, by my feet, it lie!

Removing it gently, with thoughtful care.
I see the miracle, I neglected to share.

Softly caressing, this precious timepiece.
I lay back slowly, to reflect in peace.

The heirloom abandoned, now rescued by light.
Refreshed my soul, and renewed my sight!

My steps are more thoughtful, my stride more aware.
Time travels slower, as I guard my affairs.

My life is now brighter! My vision more clear!
I savor the moment! Each memory more dear!


Treasured memories are made, they do not just appear out of nowhere. They are a result of a choice, followed by an action, then recorded in our minds, and recalled for our pleasure.

What is most important in life, can die if neglected. A plant not watered withers away. Nurtured and cared for, it grows into a tree that bears fruit. The fruit of happiness is found in our memories, all created by our choices and by our time.

Many look back on their life and say "I should have done things differently." Or, "I should have made more time for..." I regret I didn't..." "If I could do it over again, I would..."

Looking backwards is a waste of time; unless, it teaches one how to live forward. All the excuses in the world will not change past results. We cannot change our past, but we can change our future. And, we can start today.

We live in a world that is busy, complex, congested, and confusing. It pulls us in all directions. Demanding distractions and insignificant events, gnaw at our time until no time is left. Too often we serve the unimportant. And by so doing we sacrifice happiness and the joy of the moment, perhaps a memory that would be timeless.

Think of your fondest memory. What if it would have never occurred? Time and choice created it, and time and choice could have destroyed it.

Many spend the majority of their time pursuing earthly goals, only to enjoy the temporal results for a finite period of time. Why is this so? Would it not be better to utilize the majority of our time in pursuits that offer eternal results and an infinite period of joy?

A man works all his life dreaming of retirement, only to die shortly thereafter because he worked too long. Another man works to give his family what he believes are the finer things in life, not realizing that the finer thing in life is not at home that night; "Daddy at home with his family," is the finer thing of life.

The quantity and quality of our time are both important. This time on earth is the building block of your eternity. What will your time build? Spiritual success in whatever goal we choose, is always related to the quantity and quality of time we give it. How does one maximize the value of their time? Make it precious? Make it lasting, eternal? Make it a forever memory?

First, one must realize they have a choice, and make it. Second, they must now act on that choice and make it their top priority. Putting what is most important on top of the list, will open one's eyes and change their future. Third, they must love and capture the moment; and then the memory is recorded. Abandoned moments can be a thing of the past, and forsaken memories cease to exist.

These three steps will bring priceless gems of joy, and a treasure chest filled with precious memories. The hidden richness of life can be yours to discover. It is time and choice that will help your find it! So stop, think, decide! Miracles are within your reach. Don't lose another minute, don't forsake another memory! Create an eternal heirloom! A timepiece that lasts forever! Live each day as though it were your last!


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