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Used by permission of Greg Olsen. Painting available through Greg Olsen Art.

"Shun Pride, And Forgive"

Continuing my choices, obscuring my sight.
Too foolish to open, my heart to the light.

"My privilege, my freedom, my choice!" I decry.
Masking with pride, my declaration, a lie.

My arms crossed tightly, my head held high.
Perfectly knowing, "there's no mote in my eye!"

Consequences unwanted, "It's not my despair."
I feel relief, for no longer I care.

Mistakes of others, "Their pain is their own!"
"I did not choose it! They must face it alone!"

Constraining my actions, resisting what's right.
Restraining the promptings, I continue to fight.

Thinking I am happy, with my false found relief.
I move forward insisting. "I now walk in peace."

Pounding and prompting the words filter in.
My mind then reminds me. "Are you without sin?"

"Did I leave you? Forsake you? For the numerous times,
You acted blindly, self-serving, and even unkind?"

"Did I scorn you, rebuff you, and leave you alone?"
"Or did I lift you, hold you, and love you as my own?"

"Forgive him, love him, someday he'll see too!"
"What marvelous gifts, are to be shared with you!"


Hurt feelings or disappointments can sometimes run very deep into the heart. During those times of pain and healing, forgiveness becomes restrained and charity can be locked away in the closet. He or she who has offended may become avoided. This is a defense mechanism of the natural man, it helps one cope with their sadness. But is that how the Savior of Man would choose? How hard it can be to show love to the person who has fallen short of our expectations! To demonstrate an increase of love as the Savior's gospel teaches, may seem impossible.

An easy escape to hide our pain, is to withdraw affection by using our freedom of choice. We can claim that the consequences of their choices, are their problem not ours. Yet, when we love like Christ did, we bear one another's burdens, suffer with those that suffer, do good to those who despitefully use us, and even try to love them. This we do unconditionally, and without blaming or faulting. Charity must come out of the closet.

Each time we approach our Heavenly Father and Savior in prayer, we are faced with the reality that in asking for personal forgiveness, we must forgive others. The greatest of suffering from the cross on Calvary echoes the words, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) How often they know not what they do! And if they knew, the sin should be theirs and not foster a new sin in ourselves.

How we react to life's disappointments is often a measuring stick of our closeness to Christ. "How we choose to react," is one of the big tests of this life. And choosing Christ's way is
always the right choice.

When this occurs the heavens are opened and the Spirit manifests itself in marvelous ways. It is then the Lord bestows wisdom, answers prayers, confers unexpected blessings, and imparts special gifts of understanding.

A different side of pride is shared in this poem. This kind of pride and any pride, hold us back from loving as the Savior loved. Whenever pride in its many disguises is discovered and purged, we come closer to living the commandment, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48) And that is the goal of all disciples who love God.


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