A Place to Ponder
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This section was inspired by the poem "Reflections"

The poem titled "Reflections" expressed a sentiment of how one can be inspired by the Spirit to become like God.

To become like Him we must see as He sees, hear as He hears, feel as He feels, think as He thinks, and behave as He would behave.

How is this done?

We start by acknowledging and witnessing His beautiful creations. Through His son the Great Creator and Redeemer, a wonderful world was created. In so many ways it bears witness of His love.

When we share them; His children are enriched. The Spirit is often drawn to sacred places that bear His touch.

Poetry in all it's forms (word, music, photography, art) can help accomplish a oneness with God.

All things great and small testify of Him. This sections shares some of those testimonies through art.

For God created this earth for His children. And when His work was done He said, "It is good!"


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