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Used by permission of Liz Lemon Swindle. Painting available through Repartee Gallery.

"My Mother"

Embracing arms sincere, that hold through the night.
Enduring, comforting, bringing warmth, peace bestowed.

Blessed hands that stroke, wipe away the tears.
Security assured, serenity renewed, tranquility restored.

Gentle, kind eyes, filled with compassion, seeing into the heart.
Expressed love and charity spoken without a word.

Sensitive ears listening, hearing beneath the emotions.
Building encouragement, confidence, trust, all so priceless.

Lips soft spoken, silent prayers unheard, quiet inspired counsel.
Faith lifted, trials conquered, truths discovered.

A mother, a divine blessing, favored from heaven.
God's great gift, forever a wonder.

Precious and dear, eternally sealed.
My miracle, my angel, my mother.



When I think of a mother, I think of mine. As in the poem, her arms, hands, eyes, ears, lips, always told me how much she loved me. She was my guardian, protector, comforter, and best of friends.

Never a cross or harsh word ever left her lips. She always saw the best in me, even when there was fault. She knew how to heal my wounds and give comfort. She always showed me love, even when she was hurt or disappointed. She never complained about all the things she did for me. She never stopped working even when tired. Her joy was always in serving her family, putting them first, and herself second.

When troubled, I was admonished to pray. Through her, I found Christ and truth. She showed what it was to sacrifice, to serve, to love. Everyday charity was found in her words and actions. She taught us right from wrong. She loved the Savior and the Father. Her actions bore testimony of them each day and night as she prayed.

The noblest call of a woman is to be a mother. It is through them that man is, and the earth is blessed. Their love tutors us on how to be our best selves. They teach us of life, and things eternal. Mothers, they truly are angels sent from God.


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