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"The Seven Days of Creation"

On the first day, God created, the heaven and the earth.
An eternal plan in motion, a new world of great worth!

By His word He separated, the darkness from the light.
That time would follow a pattern, He called it day and night.

The second day came. He commanded the waters to divide.
A beautiful skyline, where the firmament would reside.

And as He commanded. His clear voice was heard.
Dry land raised forth. And the day, was the third.

By the power of His word, the ground would take root.
Grass, herbs, and shrubbery, from seedling to fruit!

The beauty of colors, danced over meadows and hills.
The flowered landscapes embellished, vegetation there filled.

The fourth day came. God placed the sun and moon.
That seasons would flourish, and light would illume.

The fowls in the air, and the fish in the sea,
Every animal God created, on the fifth day would be.

The sixth day commenced. God's work not complete.
For man in His image, would be His last feat.

From the dust of the earth, He molded from clay.
His greatest creation, mortal man, there he lay!

The man God called Adam, who stood all alone.
He carefully took a rib, and formed woman from his bone.

Adam named her Eve, the Mother of us all.
To multiply and replenish, soon after the Fall.

The seventh day ushered in. Creation now smiled.
God declared it was good, and rested for awhile.


I find it interesting that the Holy Bible and other ancient documents like the book of Abraham, Moses, Josephus, all began with the account of the Creation. Why is this so? Why is the creation so important as a starting point for these records?

Non believing scientists suggest random explanations like the Big Bang Theory. They believe they have the self-appointed authority to carbon date the earth's life span as if they were there from the beginning to see it all begin. They explain the distance from the sun to the earth, and this planet's tilt on an axis as accidental. The arrogance and ignorance of man and his pride is depicted in such dialogues.

The usage of "seven days" is interesting. This world was not created in seven 24 hour periods. God's time of reckoning is not the same as man's. We have learned that a day in the Lord is like 1000 years to man. Thus the period of creation encompassed seven thousand years. It required time to create this earth and all living things great and small.

Unlike the experts of our day who claim chance and random events created all things. Believers have a different view point.

Our all knowing and omnipotent Heavenly Father had a plan. He has shared this knowledge through prophets. It was a plan entailing the creation of earth for the benefit and growth of His children. The Creation confirms that a plan existed before this earth life and will continue after. It teaches that there are greater things ahead. This plan has an elaborate blueprint, with steps and processes. The eternal whats and hows will be answered in our future.

How nice it is to have the eternal answers to the "whys!"


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