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Sacred Moments Hard To Endure

His tiny fist could barely grasp the little finger of his father. With grief unresolved, his father looked down at this perfect child anticipating the inevitable. He would be strong; he would comfort, and he would be there for his son, a child of the covenant.

His mother could feel his little heart beating as tears rolled down her cheeks. This was the child she prayed for, this was the child she would do anything for. When he was gone, how would their hearts ever heal?

Reverence and silence ruled the room as they spent those last sacred moments together. A hug, a kiss, a welcoming embrace would soon be followed by another hug, an embrace, and a kiss good-bye.

Baby Micah entered the world in the spirit of peace and would soon exit it in the same manner. He kept his eyes softly closed as if he were dreaming, while waiting to return to the heaven he had barely left.

Words provide no comfort as future memories would never be fulfilled. There would be no firsts; no first teeth, no first smile, no first steps, no first "mama" or "papa" coming from his lips. The hole in their hearts was now filled with sorrow. Could it ever be replaced by joy?

These two sacred and holy hours of silence and touch unnoticed by the world would become an engraved memory that would last forever. It would become their eternal bond and forever promise of a brighter future in the resurrection. It would become one of their reasons to live each day for exaltation. It would solidify their commitment to be better and become a family forever!

Everyone in the family loved Micah, yet he would not be known to them on this earth. Tears too numerous to count would follow in the days of mourning to each he had already touched. The loss would be deeply felt and shared. Each touched, would gain spiritual clarity of the Plan of Happiness, and an overwhelming testimony of the Eternal Family would be strengthened and fortified. Upon this rock of revelation would all rely.

Who was this child so pure and precious, undefiled, unblemished and perfect in every way? Why was his period of probation cut so short? Why could he not stay a little longer? These revelations would come when appropriate as God is our witness, for His mercy is perfect, as is His compassion without end.

Micah lived in the Pre-existence. He is a child of the Holy Priesthood, and Royal Lineage. He stood beside our Savior Jesus Christ, the one who suffered godly sorrow and pain, so that we and Micah could come to earth. Side by side, with the great Redeemer, he relentlessly fought for you and me in the War in Heaven. His valiance was unmatched; he was one of the Elect, a Chosen One. He would not suffer mankind, for his character was already flawless, his perfection made sure dispensations before. His anointing has been sealed, his crown of glory secured, he will sit on a celestial throne next to our loving Heavenly Father. And there he will wait for our return.

The Father of Holiness will assign him to be a guardian angel to our family and he will watch over us as he did in the Pre-existence. He will wait with love and great anticipation to greet and receive us one by one on the other side of the veil when it is our time to return.

As his grandfather, I will look for him first in haste, when I cross that barrier. For in his passing, I find the great hope of standing by his side, with him, together, forever and ever.

He is my grandson of whom I am most proud. He will come through my line of authority, and he will teach me, his patriarch, of things eternal. My fulness of joy will be completed and God's greatest gift to me fulfilled, because one so great as Micah will be part of my eternal family. It is there on the other side that we will bond while fulfilling God's great purposes.

What would Micah say if he could speak this day?

"Mother, Father, Grandparents, family, I love you! Try to remember the promises we made in the pre-earth life, when I fought for your freedom. We knew this would happen!

Mother, thank you for accepting the pain and sorrow of my birth. Don't worry, there will be many firsts to come, and we will share them, just you and I!

Dad, show your love by sealing our family forever. I wait here at the Tree of Life, and the Fountain of Living Water, partaking of the precious fruit and water that is "sweet above all that is sweet, pure above all that is pure, and precious above all that is precious." (Alma 32:42)

My family, cleave unto the iron rod and return to me, for I wait. Be comforted! Know that although sad for a moment, I am happy and safe going about my Father's business. I am home with our heavenly parents, whose love is perfect and without end. Know that where I am now, I want you to be.

I promise you, it will not be long when the resurrection and the millennial reign will begin. We will complete what we started here on earth.

Mom, Dad, you both will be in my first thoughts everyday. It is you whom I will seek first in the day of resurrection. Believe, for it is true, as sure as God lives: it is true!

I know our Elder Brother; I know our Heavenly Father. And, they are just as anxious as me for your return. They love you too and feel your pain. Be strong, be faithful, know that these things are true.

Dad, have faith, and you will feel my presence. You will find me in the temple often and you will find me in your home.

Mom, talk to me, for I do hear your voice and I will whisper back. So please, be happy, rejoice in tomorrow when all will be fulfilled. I promise you that your sorrow will be replaced with joy.

Do not sorrow too long, but rejoice with me in the light and truth that we share. I am with you always and so is my love. Let this be your strength, let this be your rock.

I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul now and forever!"
Sealed by covenant and eternal promise.

Forever and Eternally

Your Baby boy, Micah


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