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Master Mahan's Plan

"And Thus He Cheateth Their Souls"

A meeting was called by Master Mahan, the Emperor of Darkness. Angry with his defeat in the pre-existence, he gathered his cabinet and top generals to discuss phase two of the battle that began in heaven and now continues on Earth.

How should these demons of darkness proceed on earth? What could they do to capture the hearts and souls of man?

The father of perdition's goals and objectives were made clear before the meeting:

"Wipe all righteousness off the face of the earth, imprison and enslave man, that they might serve me forever!"

After his motivational address, he asked for strategies of destruction:

1st General:

"Let us tell the people that there is no god, and that there is no devil. We will tell them this is a myth, and a fabrication of one's own imagination. We will use learned scholars to teach that belief in a God is a fable.

When mortals purport to believe in God, we will mock them and shame them for their fanaticism. Once we have converted them to atheism or agnosticism, they will feel no accountability to a higher power.

This will more easily sway them into following after their lusts, and passions of the flesh. We will teach them that there are no rules. We will teach them that man lives to pleasure himself.

We will teach them that money can buy anything they desire! Buried in sin, they will never find happiness.

Weak and feeble from the loss of light, we can easily capture them and make them slaves forever. Our experts estimate we can conquer half of the earth with this strategy!"

Emperor of Darkness:

"Excellent idea! That is a well thought plan of attack! Hundreds of millions will be mine! Second General, what is your plan?"

2nd General:

"We will tell them that all religions are true and that it does not matter which church they join. We will tell the people to believe what they want, and choose the faith that suits them.

We will teach religious leaders that religion is power!

The pureness of Christ's doctrine will be changed and misinterpreted by these charismatic preachers who seek their own glory. Believers will be confused and contend with one another.

We will tell them that the prophets died after Christ and there are no living prophets, and that the heavens are closed.

We will teach that you only have to believe to be saved, and then do nothing else. We will mingle and weave false doctrines in their teachings.

We will make the believers apathetic pacifists that pick and choose what commandments they want to keep. Oh, they will claim to have faith! But it will be faith lacking in works!

We will teach them "all is well in Zion" and that "believing without doing is enough!"

Emperor of Darkness:

"Our attack plan just keeps getting better and better!

In name of religion we will create chaos and confusion such as the world has never known! The people want religion, we will give them religion!

And in so doing, we will lead hundreds of thousands more away from the true doctrine of Christ, and into my power!

Third General, share with me your strategy to annihilate, defeat, and humiliate!"

3rd General:

"Our greatest opposition will be Saturday's Warriors. Those who possess God's power and authority will be the most difficult to conquer!

We will tell them that repentance is too difficult, that they can never be forgiven!

We will tell them that God could never love them, that they are unworthy of such a blessing!

We will tell them that it is impossible to keep all of the commandments. They will say to themselves in their hearts, 'why try?'

We will teach them that perfection and exaltation is never attainable!

We will taunt them both day and night, to the point of their total emotional exhaustion and discouragement. They will want to give up and stop trying!

I am sure that thousands of the most valiant spirits will surrender their agency, stop trying, and not endure to the end."


"I hear victory in those words!

These are the beings that I desire most to destroy!

I wish them to suffer forever! How dare them defy me!

You have created the perfect plan of darkness to destroy man and God's plan!

I, Master Mahan, with your loyalty, will rule and reign in the eternities!

Onward in our crusade my heathen friends, sweet victory and glory will be
ours forever!"


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