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Gold At St. Peter's Gate

In his lifetime George had accumulated much gold. Just before his departure from mortal life, he declared his last dying wish. George wanted all of his gold to be buried with him in his coffin. He also requested a wheel barrel be thrown in. George, insisted, "You never know what you might need to buy on the other side."

He died, and his last desire was respected. George was buried with his gold and a wheel barrel. Upon arriving in the Spirit World, he anxiously emptied the coffin of gold into the wheel barrel. Pushing the wheel barrel to the tall pearly gates, he stopped and knocked. The large double doors creaking on their hinges, cracked slightly open.

St. Peter was there to greet him. George gave St. Peter his name, and Peter looked at the register. It was confirmed that he was at the right place and that he was expected. Peter commented, "What are you doing with that wheel barrel of gold?" George responded, "You never know! I thought it might come in handy!"

Peter politely chuckled as he opened the gates wider, "Dear friend, what you have there is of little value. As you can see, in this place there is so much gold that we use it to pave our streets."

George, surprised, peered down the long winding road of gold. Whispering softly Peter suggested, "Maybe you should leave the wheel barrel and load of gold outside the gate."


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