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My Spiritual Goal For The Day

Goals are always hard to set, and much harder to accomplish. Most of us wake up in the morning and let the events of the day dictate our time and behaviors.

Those who are more disciplined, make "to do" lists. They hope the distractions of the day will not prevent them from reaching the bottom of their list. So often the unfulfilled bottom items are transferred to tomorrow's list. This kind of behavior is familiar to all of us. But, we do end up further ahead than if we had no list at all.

Many set goals, like "going to the gym" to keep in shape. Physical fitness programs help us to stay healthy and strong. It is a good thing! Fitness goals are one of the most common set in New Year's resolutions. Sadly, fifty percent or more fail keeping that resolution. Why?

How many of us set spiritual goals? It is interesting that many desire to keep their physical bodies strong and healthy, but neglect their spirits? We challenge our muscles at the gym by increasing reps and augmenting the weight used. Do we do this with our spirits? Or, do we do the same thing each and every day, never growing, never getting stronger spiritually, and always maintaining a status quo?

Goals and "to do" lists are great, but they are often unachieved. The simple reason is that an "action plan" was never established. This section gives you a "Daily Spiritual Action Plan."

In the side bar is a list of some seventy spiritual exercises that will strengthen your spirit, and increase your light. There is also a second list which contains common, redundant, mundane activities that hinder or prevent spiritual muscles from growing.

The third item in the side bar is a template of an action plan. You can copy this form and use it each day. They say "a goal unwritten is only a wish!" You can insert this form into your daily planner to support the "when" and "how" you will achieve your goal that day. The form helps you to prioritize your spiritual growth ahead of worldly cares, and less important tasks.

Feed the spirit and you feed the soul! You would be surprised how putting the Lord first, helps the temporal activities of the day go faster and smoother. When our spiritual light is increasing, we become more productive, renewed, and magnified!

The habit of having a daily action plan each day, will bring about amazing changes in your life, and in the lives of others. I challenge you to an experiment. Try it for thirty days and record your success in a journal. See if it makes a difference in how you feel. I believe this spiritual exercise plan will invite the Spirit to become a constant companion. And who would not want that kind of support and comfort each day?

Spiritual Behaviors List

Mundane Behaviors List

Spiritual Action Plan (Sample)

Spiritual Action Plan