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Increase Your
Understanding Of God's Plan

The best place to learn of the gospel plan is to read the Holy Scriptures. It is there that much revelation and inspiration can be received, when accompanied by prayer and obedience to higher laws.

I once wrote a book that I was prompted to write in a very sacred place. It will never be published. The title was "Oil In Your Lamps." By the time it was done, it could have been titled, "The Road To Exaltation."

It really discusses this life, and the journey that you and I are taking. This time on earth is all about the choices that we make. We actually do choose our reward and destination.

I hope you enjoy it. It has changed the life of several, who have read it. I am sure you will receive your own personal witness of truth as you reflect and ponder the messages that it shares.

Here is the Table of Contents. Please enjoy!



Chapter 1
"For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also"

Chapter 2
"Whosoever Loves And Makes A Lie" (Telestial Beings)

Chapter 3
"Blinded By The Craftiness Of Men" (Terrestrial Beings)

Chapter 4
"Just Men Made Perfect" (Celestial Beings)

Chapter 5
"The Law Of The Harvest: What Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap"

Chapter 6
"And Thus He Cheateth Their Souls" (Satan's Plan)

Chapter 7
"Great Shall Be Your Reward" (The Lord's Plan)

Chapter 8
"The Gospel And Money: What Sayeth The Lord"

Chapter 9
"Be Ye Prepared For The Times Of Tribulation"

Chapter 10
"Managing Money: The Lord's Way"

Chapter 11
"More Oil and An Even Brighter Light"

Chapter 12
"Oil In Your Lamps: An Investment Plan For These Last Days"