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R. Lyle Johnson

R. Lyle Johnson never had any formal training in writing or poetry. In fact, most of his life he made fun of poetry as he engaged in the more manly activities of the world. At retirement , he felt the strong desire to know God as never before. From there, the promptings that influenced his writings began to emerge. He is a retired banker, a special ed. driver, a thinker, a grandfather of nine, a father of four, a husband, and a friend. He is most grateful of all for being, a "son of God."

Liz Lemon Swindle

Liz Lemon Swindle began her painting career in first grade. Her first exhibitions were on the refrigerator, encouraged by her father. In the early 1980s she tutored under renowned wildlife artist, Nancy Glazier. In 1992, Liz began painting a subject matter she had long desired to approach: her faith. Her paintings are now held in corporate and private collections around the world and have been published in countless magazines and books. Liz and her husband Jon have five children and thirteen grandchildren.


Lyle Hadlock

At the early age of 3, Lyle showed his potential as a musician.  He started playing piano by ear, and soon began composing songs. One of his early favorites is "The Blazing Fleet," a catchy little tune about a racehorse. Since then, he has composed love songs, lullabies, New Age music, band marches, choral pieces, and religious songs and arrangements.


Paul Cardall

Award winning pianist, lecturer, and author Paul Cardall has entertained sold out audiences and inspired people worldwide. His latest studio album titled "New Life" debuted as the #1 Billboard New Age Album in February 2011.


Greg Olsen

"From an early age I have always been fascinated by paintings that create mood, emotion and atmosphere; especially those paintings that lift me and transport me to some far off place. These are the elements I strive to create in my paintings. My paintings in many ways record what is most important to me: my feelings and experiences with family and friends along with the spiritual aspects of my life. My hope is that in these images you will find something familiar, something which will resonate and remind you of what is important in your own life."

- Greg Olsen


Ken Fortie

Ken has been capturing the world around him through the lens, on canvas, or through story and poetry since childhood. He enjoys thinking around, above, below, through, outside and even inside the box. He loves to read, mostly about science, religion and history. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking and volleyball. He has enjoyed creating images of some of the LDS temples and hopes that you will find his creations to be a pleasant part of your home that bring peace and joyful conversation to those who enter through your doors.


Joseph Brickey

Joseph F. Brickey was born on June 11, 1973 to Wayne and Joanne Brickey and currently resides in Provo, Utah, with his wife and four children. He has spend over a decade studying art throughout the United States and Europe and is a graduate of Brigham Young University. His award winning paintings have appeared in various publications and museums; he has found success and respect in painting many subjects, but considers creating religious artwork his greatest honor as an artist, including for LDS temples throughout the world. Joseph paints in a style reminiscent of the old masters, using classical form and composition to create art filled with symbolism. He believes that "art should both measure up in the museum and capture the common heart. The greatest art is that which generates the greatest good."