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Many websites are set up purely for commercial purposes. Personal profit will never be the central focus of this site. The purpose of "A Place To Ponder" is well stated on the home page.

Voluntary donations and gift purchases will serve three objectives:

  1. To cover monthly and annual maintenance fees.
  2. To add new content.
  3. To fund a future missionary effort.

Thank you for your donations and enjoy "A Place To Ponder" often!

Gift Shop

Wouldn't it be nice to be reminded of the Savior and his gospel every time you walked into a room, opened a book, looked in the mirror. Repartee Gallery and Foundation Arts have kindly allowed this site to display the artwork of gifted associates. Their gift shop offers over 1,500 items that remind us of important truths. Go shopping!

Here are some ideas:

A portrait of the Savior for
your home, or a child's room.

A picture of the Temple.

Charm necklaces for
daughters or granddaughters.

Bookmarks for a
Sunday School Class.

A calendar for a parent.

A video DVD for Christmas.

Christmas cards for
family and friends.

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