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Free Book!

As you understand, access to the website and blog are free. We hope you will visit often, perhaps every Sunday! It is for the visitor's enjoyment and spiritual growth! Music, poetry, short stories, art, and photography are provided to lift the soul! We hope each will see the value, and appreciate the effort to provide such meaningful and on-going content. Please bookmark or place the site's address on your desktop.

"A Place To Ponder" has expenses. It's goal is to use any donated funds to share the love of God. It life's blood is the result of donations and contributions, which generally are small or non existent.

With an initial contribution of $6.00, I am offering a free book "Whisperings of Wisdom and Promptings of Peace." After the contribution you will receive a downloadable version of one of the books in the site's content. It contains 36 poems that are beautiful and meaningful. They can be used to teach lessons at home, in Sunday School, in devotionals, or to give comfort and encouragement to those who need a boost in their faith. It can strengthen your own personal testimony as well!

If you as the donor would like to send a gift to a friend or family member as a second or third donation, "Whisperings of Wisdom and Promptings of Peace" can be sent to them via email for $4.00 per book. We just need their email address. The email will acknowledge you and your desire for them to feel God's love in their lives through this gift.

Thank you for your contribution and participation at "A Place To Ponder."

Please invite your family and friends to visit this special place, as it is now your place also.


R. Lyle Johnson
Author and Poet, "A Place To Ponder"


Yes! Please send me a complimentary copy of "Whisperings of Wisdom and Promptings of Peace." for an initial contribution of only $6.00.




Also, please send additional copies as gifts to the following email addresses for only $4.00 each.






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