A Place to Ponder
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Welcome to "A Place To Ponder!"

Mission and Purpose Statement:

"To all those who love God and seek His glory, may your visits to this place bring whisperings of wisdom, promptings of peace, and reverent revelations! May you find enrichment to your soul, enlightenment of your spiritual intellect, strengthening in your faith and testimony, and an increase in your love towards God and your fellow beings!"

"A Place to Ponder" was inspired by the poem "Whisperings of Wisdom"

Invitation to the Visitor:

Have you ever felt that there are too many unanswered questions about life? Would you like more answers? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is? Are you a seeker of truth? Do you hunger for the bread of life, and thirst for the living water? Are you interested in knowing what God wants you to become?

Or... have you ever felt that the demands of life are pulling you apart at the seams? Do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed with life's pressures or situations that you want to hide? Do you sometimes wish you could go somewhere for a few minutes, just to spiritually renew and refresh yourself? Would you like confirmation, that God is there with you? Would you like to feel His peace replace confusion, despair, unhappiness, or loneliness?

Welcome, you have found the right place!

A place where you can spend time with God and the Spirit; praying, listening, feeling, thinking, pondering, and learning. You are invited to visit this place as often as you may wish! Consider it your refuge from the storm, a safe shelter, your private sanctuary.

This is a place where you can regularly come to commune with Him, and embrace truths that bring eternal joy and happiness. "A Place To Ponder" will make you feel good! May your life be blessed each time you visit this site. Please come and visit often!


R. Lyle Johnson


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